If you take care of you floor and maintain it correctly, your timber floor will last longer and keep beautiful finish forever.

Dirt and grit on the floor are like sandpaper and will reduce the floor's shine, and will result in a scratched an dull surface. Sweep or vacuum your floor regularly to remove any dirt or sand, preferably using an electrostatic mop. To help keep floors clean, good quality door mats outside and preferably inside each external door to avoid dirt being carried on to your timber floors.

Timber floors with Polyurethane high gloss finishes, after sweeping your floor, you can clean them using a bucket of warm water with 2 caps full of mentholated sprits and a wrung damp mop, using as little water as possible - never use a wet mop, as this can affect the moisture content of the timber and may result in cupping. Do not use household cleaners on your timber floor, as these may contain harsh chemicals which can affect the finish of your timber floor. Any liquid spills should be wiped up immediately with a soft damp cloth.

Timber floors with Water base finishes, there are spray mops that can be purchased with recommended cleaning and maintenance products which make it very easy to clean and maintain your timber floors. Liquid spills can be cleaned with a soft damp cloth with mild dish washing detergent. 

Polyurethane finishes, over time, direct sunlight will cause your timber floors to change to a burnt yellow orange colour.

Most good quality water base finishes are non yellowing, however the timber may darken/lighten slightly but the coating itself will not change colour.

High heel and stiletto shoes will cause dents in a timber floor and leather soled shoes hold grit. It is always a good idea to remove high heel or leather soles shoes before walking on floorboards.

Furniture should be lifted and placed in position not pushed or dragged this will cause damage to your timber floor. Fit protective pads beneath furniture legs to prevent scuffing. Barrel castors are more timber-friendly than ball castors, however a clear plastic chair mat should be installed and is available from office works.

Monitor your floor for wear as recoating can be completed easily, quickly, and at much less expense than resanding. This is only possible before you wear through the coating and expose bare timber.

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