Sanding & Polishing

Recoating floors: Prep wash, light sand and apply 1 or 2 coats depending on the condition of the floor or the coating previously used.

New and Old Floors: Preparation for sanding and coating the processes we undertake are in 3 stages.
Stage 1: Punch down joist nails, rough sand floor, putty nail holes and butt joints where required, medium sand the floor, sand the edges and corners. Fine sand and vacuum the floor, then apply the first coat.
Stage 2: After the first coat is dry, check the putty, light sand and  vacuum the floor, then apply 2nd coat.
Stage 3: After the second coat is dry. Light sand and vacuum the floor, and then apply the final coat.

Water Base Coating

Water Base comes in gloss as well as the low sheen satin and matt finishes. Water base is a non toxic and non solvent base products, there is little odour which dissipates quickly. Its non-yellowing and you're able to remain within the premises. The dying time is reduced with approx.6 hours before being able to be walked on, and a full cure time of 5 to 6 days. The water bases also brings out the natural look of the timber without the 'plastic' look and eliminate edge bonding and quilting which is prevalent with 2-pack finishes. When applying ( low sheen) semi gloss or matt /satin finishes we apply 1 primer coat followed by 2 coats of the low sheen coating. The advantage of this that it eliminates the problem of a gloss patches in high traffic areas that will occur in a low sheen polyurethane finish.

Our Product and Finishes

Once your floors have been sanded and or restored, we then apply our finishes. The finish we use on your floor depends on your personal choice and your environment. We can offer our expert advice on suitability and quality to best suit your desired finish if so desired. Throughout our years of experience it is products manufactured by "WATTYL","LOBA", and "POLYCURE" to work predominantly best with most applications. There are many other manufactures of finishers and products that we also use, but the list is endless.

Polyurethane Coating

Polyurethane high gloss finish. It doesn't require any maintenance and is very simple to clean. However it takes 16 to 36 hours for each coat to dry depending on the weather, but to fully cure the process takes 10 to 14 days. It is also not recommended for anyone to stay at the premises while the floor is being coated due to the high toxicity of the fumes that the polyurethane emits, also be aware that a yellowing effect will occur over time at the loss of the timbers natural colour. Low sheen finishes such as semi gloss, matt, or satin finishes can only be applied as the final top coat. They're just as easily cleaned as the gloss finishes, however in heavy traffic areas once the top coating starts to wear the gloss coat will start to show through giving the floor a gloss look. Over time, when this occurs, a sand and recoat will be required to restore the low sheen finish.