Water Base Coatings

Water Base comes in gloss as well as the low sheen satin and matt finishes. Water base is a non toxic and non solvent base products, there is little odour which dissipates quickly. Its non-yellowing and you're able to remain within the premises. The dying time is reduced with approx.6 hours before being able to be walked on, and a full cure time of 5 to 6 days. The water bases also brings out the natural look of the timber without the 'plastic' look and eliminate edge bonding and quilting which is prevalent with 2-pack finishes. When applying ( low sheen) semi gloss or matt /satin finishes we apply 1 primer coat followed by 2 coats of the low sheen coating. The advantage of this that it eliminates the problem of a gloss patches in high traffic areas that will occur in a low sheen polyurethane finish.

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